Institute PDF:

Our lab maxed out with IPDF. So, unfortunately, we cannot have any more personals as IPDF for a while.


If you are interested in our work and like to contribute/learn through independent fellowships, we would positively support the process.


We are a bit conservative at the moment in appointing new PhD students as our koneramine project is a high-risk high-reward one; warrants a lot of dedication where one cannot expect successive, lucrative publications. Our SECWEL project has low hanging fruits but needs a lot of creativity. So if you are up for a challenging time, then openly tell the interview committee that you want to join Raja Angamuthu. Then the committee decides further based on other qualifications. You can write to me as well at or to any members (present/past) of LISBIC.

SERB funded JRF:

We might have a SERB funded JRF position opening up in a couple of weeks to few months to work on sakthiphos.

MSc projects:

We usually take 2-5 of our own students from MSc, BS, MS for project works every year. Outside students can join (max. 2 per year) us by following the non-degree students’ protocol of IIT Kanpur.

Summer/Winter Projects:

We accept students with Academies Fellowship and SURGE Fellowship when we have interested PhD students to train. LISBIC trains one or two highly enthusiastic students (who could not get any funding) using my Professional Development Account when there is enough fund available to support them.