Koneramine is the lead project of LiSBiC. Abhishek Koner, an MSc Chemistry student of IIT Kanpur then, was the first member of LiSBiC who mixed first set of chemicals to form koneramine complexes. Hence the name “koneramine”. Though Abhishek isolated first four molecules of koneramine, Sakthi took the lead (i) to determine the conditions to isolate syn and anti components (ref), (ii) to establish the metal dependant stereoselective selfsorting (ref), (iii) to establish the mechanism of formation of koneramines (ref), (iv) to perform post-assembley modification in order to strengthen the koneramine complexes and, (v) to isolate enantiopure koneramine complexes as part of his PhD thesis. In the meantime Manoj took lead to portray the versatility of koneramines, for example, by playing with the substituents on N4 nitrogen of koneramine complexes designed by him and by studying their properties by protonation and electrochemistry. Kumaran and Suchi will put the koneramine complexes to the test in applications. We are forseeing lot of opportunities with the complexes of koneramines.

Funding Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board, DST, India.