Courses (frequently) taught by me:

CHM663A: Electron, Proton and Hydrides

CHM241A: Basic Inorganic Chemistry-I

CHM242A: Basic Inorganic Chemistry

CHM102A: Basic Chemistry

CHM345A: Inorganic Chemistry – I

CHM616A: Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds

CHM631A: Applications of Modern Instrumental Methods

CHM649A: Principles of Inorganic Chemistry

CHM443A: Inorganic Chemistry Practicals

CHM343A: Inorganic Chemistry Practicals

CHM361A: Chemistry Communication Skills

I have always believed in connecting day-to-day applications and cutting-edge research stories with the concepts being taught in the class, which makes students understand the concepts easily and the classes are always lively. This is evident from the comments I receive from students thru reaction survey. My classes are mostly in student-teacher interaction mode and we solve problems together by the discussion involving almost all the students in the class by which we try to understand the concepts together. Hence the traditional idea of “teachers know everything and students are supposed to listen and learn” is broken.